Guide to Travel Sponsorships

Hey there bloggers!
I am happy to announce the release of my latest book, “Guide to Travel Sponsorships”!

Raise your hand if you would travel more if money was not an issue?
You have a blog, why not use it to fund your travels?

Travel sponsorships are a very real and obtainable way to finance your travels. You don’t need to be a social media superstar with millions of followers either!

This step by step travel sponsorship guide teaches YOU how to get paid to travel using your blog or social media.

– Learn the basics of travel sponsorship including types of sponsorships and how all those ‘paid travelers’ you see on your social media do it.
– Learn how to identify YOUR unique value and communicate with potential paying sponsors.
– Don’t have a million followers? Real and effective examples of alternative ways you can offer value and get paid to travel.
– Included are the exact email pitch templates used to successfully obtain free hotel stays, tourist board trips, advertising revenue and much more!
– Real life examples of successful pitches are included. Use these templates and examples to create your very own travel sponsorship pitches to companies.
– BONUS links to unpublished video content where Georg Papp demonstrates and walks you through each step.
– Georg Papp’s contact information for questions and free guidance to help you succeed in your sponsorship endeavors!

Over 2,000 students around the world have used Georg Papp’s knowledge and guidance to help finance their travels….

“Hey Georg, my wife and I wanted to say thank you for all your advice. It’s really helping us and allowing us to travel more in just a few short weeks. We are going to Mexico in September!”

“Thank You! I bought this a couple of weeks ago and just got my first comped diving excursion.”

“Hey Georg! I picked up this up last week, just got confirmation of my first comped night at a hot springs resort, plus a couple free hours in the private tub they offer. Used one of your templates as the jumping off point for my pitch. I thought I needed to be WAY more popular before I could do this. I just have a few thousand Instagram followers and a neglected blog. Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction!!”

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