Affiliate Opportunity for Travel Bloggers

Georg Papp Affiliate Program

Hello all!

I am seeking a few motivated travel bloggers that would like to join my affiliate program.
I offer a series of online courses teaching students how to obtain travel sponsorships. Advertising is expensive and I have had good luck with affiliates so I am expanding the program! Woo woo!

  1. Enroll here:  Travel Sponsorship Affiliate Program
  2. I will send you a welcome email with all the information you need.
  3. Take the full course for FREE ( I believe in ethical promotion so I offer the full course for free to affiliates so that they may promote in an honest way)
  4.  Promote using your unique link. (FTC rules apply)
  5. Get paid automatically whenever a student purchases a course.


50% Commission:  No seriously. You get 50% of any course purchased that originates from your unique link. Current course offerings are priced low ($10-$40 USD) but this results in a greater volume of sales.

Valuable product for your followers: When you join an affiliate program and promote products, you put your reputation on the line. This is why I strive to deliver a valuable product that your followers will be satisfied with. I offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. Additionally, I regularly receive positive feedback from customers. Here is what one had to say just this week:
Hey Georg! I picked up this course last week, just got confirmation of my first comped night at a hot springs resort, plus a couple free hours in the private tub they offer. Used one of your templates as the jumping off point for my pitch. I thought I needed to be WAY more popular before I could do this. I just have a few thousand Instagram followers and a neglected blog. Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction!!”

Opportunity to generate passive income: Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money. Promote as much or as little as you want.

Trusted Platform: My online school is built on the popular and well regarded Teachable platform. The affiliate program is built in and entirely hands free. Once you sign up and receive your unique affiliate link, you will get automatic notifications when students purchase a course using your unique link. Payment is direct and automatic via paypal.

Have any questions? Feel free to drop my a line and say hello! Looking forward to working with you in a mutually beneficial partnership! 🙂