Camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland! With summer coming, thought I’d share some pics from my camping adventure last year. Iceland truly is an amazing place to pitch a tent and take in the other worldly natural beauty. Camping is a great way to save on costs and not have to be tied down by planned reservations. Note that camping is legal pretty much everywhere however you should respect the privacy of landowners & posted signs as well as take steps to not disrupt the landscape. The weather in the summer is gorgeous (cool nights however the sun never fully sets so it remains comfortable). If you are thinking about visiting one of my favorite countries, consider bringing a tent and freely exploring this wonderful land!



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      1. Give it a go πŸ™‚ Another cool factoid for those who may not be that experienced in camping, there are no animals that want to eat you and the sun barely sets in the summer so no worries about getting things done in the dark.


    1. Well… If you want to see the Northern lights, you will have to go during the winter months. They tend to fire off nicely November-January. You won’t get to see the northern lights in the summer as the sun never fully sets. Which can be awesome if you want to get full days of exploring in. The lupine flowers are in full bloom by July.

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