How to Get Travel Sponsorships

New course: 10 Step Process for Obtaining Travel Sponsorships
Best part……You don’t need to be an ‘influencer’!
I’ll be honest. When I first began seeking a way to get paid to travel I had no idea what I was doing. It was frustrating as all hell.
It turns out, the ‘secret’ was right under my nose the entire time.
It isn’t about pitching how awesome you are and in return opening the flood gates of people paying you to travel.
It is about understanding the process and implementing a proven strategy.
Treating your blogging like a business that it really is.
Identifying and communicating your unique value. Understanding the pain points and desires of your potential sponsors and pitching a solution.
Yes, it takes work but the rewards are more than worth the effort.
Getting paid to travel? Yes please.
Free hotel/resort stay? Yes!!!
So why am I writing all this to you?
Because I have put together a pretty awesome course where I take you on a journey to obtaining your own travel sponsorships.
Everything you need in an easy to follow, step by step guided process.
Exercises to get the ball rolling, video demonstrations where I walk you through actual real life examples (ex. I recorded and show you my screen as I research a tourism board I am currently pitching), I even provide my own media kit and walk you through crafting your own, regardless of your following/stats, by identifying your value.
Bonus: Email pitch templates are included! (People have told me these alone are worth way more than the cost of the course)
You won’t have to pay for that next hotel stay 😉
This all sounds a bit salesy but I  really am excited to share this knowledge with you as I know it will be of value to you!
Below is the link to my site I have set up.
I also have a bunch of FREE material there too because well…..we are travelers and like free stuff!

Click here to get your learning going!

Cheers and happy travels!!


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