New Facebook Group for Travel Entrepreneurs. Come say hi!


Hi all!
Just created a new Facebook group for travel entrepreneurs. The goal is to have a relaxed but valuable place where we can share lessons learned, ask/answer questions, network, collaborate, etc. Come on over and say hi!

Join the Facebook Group Here


5 thoughts on “New Facebook Group for Travel Entrepreneurs. Come say hi!

  1. Hey Georg! This is a good idea. I have recently wondered the same thing, what would be a good way to get together all outdoor fans, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals. I have recently opened a new outdoor marketplace,, the digital site that actually gives an opportunity to easily sell services and products. My goal is to help other entrepreneurs to succeed. The site has recently opened, so all posts are welcomed! The site works through PayPal.

    I joined to group today. Have a great Sunday!

    Wbr, Pirita

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