5 Under the Radar Yet Truly Inspiring Travelers to Follow

Lost in the sea of popular social media travel accounts and blogs there are some truly inspirational people who don’t get the credit they deserve. These are fellow travelers who live a life worth following & bring a level of inspiration often lost among the media savvy travelers who dominate our media feeds. Prepare to be inspired….

Harry Devert in water
Harry is no longer with us yet his spirit and presence truly live on, inspiring many of us to this very day, every day.
Harry’s thirst for a life well lived was truly infectious. I have fond memories of sitting at my work desk reading his stories and being inspired not only to travel, but also to simply go out into the world and interact with others in a way that brought mutual pleasure and happiness. To live a life whereby one could look back at any given time, under any circumstance and smile.
While we have lost Harry (read story here), we continue to carry his inspiration. His mother still runs and updates his Facebook page with inspiring thoughts and reflections as well as comments from people around the world who still feel inspired to share their stories with Harry.
Facebook: Harry Devert
Instagram: @anewyorkertravels

Alana Nason 1443199172462
A creative, adventurous & passionately curious well traveled soul. Oh, and she lives part of the year in a tiny remote cabin in Alaska. Alana lives a life that could yield the production of a dozen novels. Yet she does so in a quiet, self-reflective never narcissistic manner. Never one to intentionally seek out fame or social stature, Alana shares her journeys with a relatively intimate group of engaging friends. Give her a follow, sit back by the fire with a warm cup of tea and let your mind slip away as you read her writings and view her amazing photography.
Blog: Art of Leaving
Instagram: Nomadsland

David Guttenfelderuntitled-article-1459024346-body-image-1459102492
Ok, David is pretty well known being that he is a blue checkmark verified award winning National Geographic photographer but his work is far and above anything out there these days and while his photos are well known, he still slips under the radar. David helped launch the Associated Press’ North Korea bureau and brought his followers into this isolated country by way of his camera lens. What is compelling though about his work is his ability to make you question your beliefs based on common observations often overlooked. An avid traveler for both work and pleasure, David will transport you into the lives of the locals. Truly great stuff.
Instagram: @dguttenfelder also his N. Korea photo account @everydayDPRK

Vanblanca 12407176_802579486541783_1874598025_n
A feel good family travel account. This family is far off the radar of the popular Instagram accounts but they deserve a follow. Caravanning around in their beloved white van, this family exudes happiness and takes their followers along with them on their journeys (including overcoming adversity) across America. Give them a follow and you will soon see what I am talking about.
Instagram: @vanblanca


Rebecca Ohlin13827199_1778234362423634_1012662006_n
A relative newbie to the social media travel world, Rebecca brings not only enriching photos and stories to your life but also an incredible back story. After being involved in an accident that left her with a brain injury, Rebecca made the decision to cast away her corporate anchor to set sail on a journey of enriching travels. Further more, she is doing it solo and sharing her candid experiences along the way. She is also an incredibly nice person (I met Rebecca after she volunteered to edit a book I wrote and went to great lengths to provide me with a tremendous amount of suggestions even though there was nothing personal for her to gain in doing so).
Blog: Rebeccaohlin.com
Instagram: @rrohlin
Twitter: @rebeccaohlin

Of course there are many, many more inspiring accounts out there to follow and to be honest, most of you reading this probably fall into this category. So I say thank you for keeping me inspired.
Please feel free to comment and leave a link to your blog, IG, Twitter, etc. as I am always looking for a great story & inspiration!

18 thoughts on “5 Under the Radar Yet Truly Inspiring Travelers to Follow

  1. I’m so sad to hear about Harry. I have been following his Instagram for years and saw that he hadn’t posted in a very long time. I sort-of just figured that he had gotten out of the blogging world. That really breaks my heart.

    This is a great list of bloggers and I know that the other four have to be so proud to be listed with someone who was so passionate about travels to the very end.

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    1. Indeed a truly sad story. But as I wrote, I think he has left a legacy that carries on today. He truly was so full of life and an inspiration to so so many. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, appreciate it!

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  2. Thank you for sharing these!
    I am particularly drawn to Harry’s story as I read it last year (exactly 1yr today actually) and as ee speak I have a traveling mate who is now officially MISSING IN MEXICO..! It’s been almost 40 days since he last made contact with anybody. I now have learned of all the craziness going on in Mexico and how many others are also missing.. 😦 Stay safe fellow solo travelers! x


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