Namibia: Why you need to visit this amazing country

I am often asked what my favorite country that I have visited is. This is of course impossible to answer as it is like picking a favorite child. However, there are a couple of countries that stand out as ones that I suggest people visit and recently I have been guiding people to visit Namibia. Here is why:

Want to see the big game wildlife of Africa?
IMG_7031  IMG_7139

Want to experience otherworldly landscapes that have graced the pages of National Geographic? IMG_9178







IMG_7116Beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches?










Villages and towns who will welcome you and share their unique culture?





I found Namibia to be safe. I traveled alone, in a rented 4×4 and aside from a couple flat tires in the middle of nowhere, didn’t have a single problem and felt safe the entire trip even while camping.
Namibia is popular, but really hasn’t broken out into the global tourism mainstream. I have no idea why. Seriously. Everyone seems to gravitate to South Africa and Kenya.  But this is good news for you because it means you get to explore a country that remains under people’s radars and doesn’t have tour busses zooming camera clicking tourists everywhere. You can drive yourself through Etosha NP and feel like you are truly on a wild safari as opposed to paying to go into a fenced off game preserve (aka a big open zoo).

So you can see Namibia really does have what it takes to make for an epic and memorable adventure. Wildlife, landscapes and culture. It’s the complete package.


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    1. Hey there! From my experience, I think Namibia would be an ideal solo trekking adventure for you. I actually met a college aged female who was traveling solo through the country and she reported no issues. Of course like anywhere traveled, there are precautions to take. Namibia has large areas of uninhabited expanse but also many of populated areas were once German settlements so there is a European vibe especially along the coast. If you rent a vehicle, be prepared to fix a flat tire (happened to me twice). I felt very safe my entire journey. So all in all, I say go for it 🙂


    1. Intriguing is certainly a good word to describe Namibia and it certainly does not disappoint. Thanks for the comment and I hope you are able to experience this wonderful country soon!


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